Arbonne International

Arbonne International delivers world-class beauty, health and wellness products through a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, where products are sold through a network of independent consultants. Arbonne supports 250,000 consultants, each operating as their own independent business. MSTQ partnered with the Arbonne leadership team to create an integrated technology ecosystem for Arbonne consultants to take their business to the next level.

Designing for the Modern Consultant

With a clear need for a mobile-friendly tool, MSTQ’s efforts were centered around designing the consultant’s experience of two core activities: face-to-face sales interactions and managing key business metrics. The result was a complete technology transformation.

Streamlining Customer Touchpoints

Shop Arbonne was designed specifically with the consultant-customer relationship in mind. The app, designed for native iOS on mobile and streamlines previously complicated business tasks such as building a cart, and simplifies a complex rewards and registration system.

Modern business intelligence

The MyOffice App provides Independent Consultants the ability to manage their businesses on the go and in real time. Through discovery, we brought key metrics to the forefront of the app experience, such monthly qualifying goals and incentives as well as review detailed team reports and contact information.

Extending the experience

Since the careful construction of the Arbonne mobile business dashboard, we extended the experience to more advanced devices like the Amazon Echo. After careful observation of consultant lifestyle, we integrated the business intelligence tool into a natural, conversational experience, decreasing the consultants dependency of their phones and laptops.

Laurie Martinelli


"MSTQ worked with us to design a highly anticipated mobile app. We were extremely pleased with the final product and it has received very positive feedback from users. Upon launching, the app was downloaded 15,000 times in the first day. We’re grateful to have worked with their talented design team and look forward to our long-term partnership together."