Olofson Technology Partners

We partnered with Olofson Technologies Partners to pioneer new territory in the bankruptcy industry by designing a multi-device task management tool for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees. Taking competitor legacy software option head-on, we designed an application for desktop and mobile that organized and simplified every step of a filed caseā€”from the banks, to the courts, attorneys and clients. The application gives Bankruptcy Trustees easy to use tools to move more efficiently through day to day tasks.

Differentiating with design

Chapter 7 bankruptcy has a wealth of moving parts and regulations. Our discovery centered around trustees, their daily schedules, their priorities, their pain points and challenges when filing a case, as well as their relationships with attorneys and banks. We worked closely with Olofson Technology Partners to not only define and prioritize operational tasks, but also design for the emotional context of the Chapter 7 Trustee on the go.

To create the look and feel, we extracted elements from the most modern visual frameworks: Material Design, Conversational UI and Complexion Reduxion. The result was a fresh take on the bankruptcy business, one that was streamlined, more visually appealing, and easier to engage with the data-intensive day to day use.

Chris Olofson


"MSTQ worked with our team to design the UI paradigm and specific feature renderings for a complex workflow application. After investing time to understand our business case, they proposed several options that were far better than what we had considered internally and worked with us collaboratively to refine, finalize and pass on to engineering."