ShootQ is a business management and workflow tool for full-sized photography businesses. We partnered with ShootQ to redesign the next generation of the application for photographers.

Reimagining the Brand

Before designing on the product level, we worked closely with ShootQ's new CEO to strategically position the ShootQ brand for the long-term future. We leveraged our user-centered design approach to redefine what the brand itself represents, communicated on a visual and visceral level, tailored for the modern photographer.

The Next Generation of ShootQ Users

We uncovered the needs, wants, and limitations of emerging and established photographers. Leveraging primary personas and journey maps, target end-users were given extensive attention at each stage of the design process. Through observation of the legacy application, and interactions with the current user base, we identified gaps in the existing user experience and in the market.

Forward-Thinking UI Framework

Speaking to the younger, up-and-coming photographer as our primary user, we used smooth gradients, geometric font choices, minimalistic buttons and icons to create a clean, modern experience. The design went above and beyond a new look and feel. It became a youthful experience, and at its core encouraged the next generation of photographers to feel excited about taking their profession to the next level.