About MSTQ

We design for outcomes, not just deliverables.

Let's face it, design is being held hostage by the 20th century. So we founded MSTQ on a vision to set it free. An abbreviation of the arabic word Mustaqbal (مستقبل), meaning Future, the name MSTQ is derived from our audacious mission: empower forward-thinking companies with design to create a better future.

Design is about people,
not technology.

Our process is device and industry agnostic. The one thing that never changes for each project is our commitment to designing positive outcomes, cultivating well-being for the real people that use what we make.

How we work.


Envisioning the Future.

We've combined the science of behavioral and positive psychology with methods of strategic foresight to develop our own design approach—Outcome-Centered Design. The result is a more dynamic way of exploring the future of our clients' industry, products, and services. We more effectively bring possible futures to life, which makes them more compelling, clearer, and more accessible for everyone within our clients' organization to convert into reality. Our approach not only allows our clients to be more competitive and innovative, pushing the boundaries of their value propositions, but it also enables them to contributing to their customer's well-being (the modern world's ultimate business objective).


Product and UX Design.

We're the architects, strategists and designers that drive product teams. Our Outcome-Centered Design approach uses a narrative-based process (informed by research) that provides clarity into a product or service's usefulness and usability, and serves as the engine to rapid and iterative solutioning. And with each project, every pixel we create maps directly to terminal human needs—ones that contribute to well-being and, ultimately, business value. The result is greater confidence, lower risk and smooth handoffs between our team and yours.


Organizational Transformation.

We help our clients drive organizational change through the adoption of our mental tools and frameworks, which we call Designware™. Through our consulting engagements, we empower our clients to not only solve problems better, but drive the organization into the boldest, brightest futures—ones that create positive futures for human, environmental, economic, and social structures and systems.