Digital product strategy and design

Architecting an innovative WiFi platform and testing the MVP product launch for market viability.
Union Pacific Railroad
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Spearheading the first ever way to buy rail solutions online for one of America's oldest companies.
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Architecting the brand experience for donating to charities when you make a purchase online.
Reimagining the way bankruptcy attorney's get work done every day.
Dais Technology
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Designing a better way to buy commercial insurance for SMBs.
Prescient Edge
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Redesigning the military grade app to be optimized for usability for panicked mental states during emergency threats.
Stormwind Studios
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Architecting a Learning Management System (LMS) from the ground up to make online education more engaging.

Better products create better outcomes.

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MSTQ is the upgraded design firm for the 21st century. Our Outcome-Centered Design™ approach combines research, strategy, design and the behavioral sciences to architect digital products that actually matter.
And so, MSTQ functions as an architecture firm for the digital realm, working with established technology teams to ensure that investments in high-impact digital products are purposeful and meaningful. Want to talk or get in touch? Email Yazin.
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