Arbonne International delivers world-class beauty, health and wellness products through a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, where products are sold through a network of independent consultants. Arbonne supports 250,000 consultants, each operating as their own independent business. After redesigning the selling experience and sophisticated incentive structures, we extended our design influence throughout the company's full digital transformation.

1 Year
Mobile / Conversational Agent

Replace a legacy sales system of paper catalogues and complex rewards program with a digitally enabled social selling experience.

The Outcome

A complete digital transformation of the company spearheaded by the ShopArbonne mobile app—which increased revenue for the $600m business by 5%.

End-to-End Design for the ShopArbonne Mobile App

The previous shopping experience for Arbonne customers involved physical catalogues and manual data entry. 

Our research driving the design on the experience revealed that the most valuable asset in the brand experience was purchases made from personal relationships that the customers had with the Arbonne consultant. While the quality and consistency of the products helped maintain brand loyalty, the guiding principles of the design were centered around relational selling. Whereas most digital shopping experiences are centered around the end-customer, this mobile shopping app was designed for in-person sales driven, as well as a self-serve component to enhance the agency of the customer and reduce the administrative burden of the consultant.

Simplifying a Complex Rewards Program

In addition, the product experience also incorporated the complexities of assigning a transaction to a consultant (required for purchase) and gamifying the rewards program to drive engagement and loyalty. As a result, Arbonne consultants can achieve more effective in-person sales and longer customer lifecycles.

Increasing Experience Ubiquity with Conversational Interfaces

The reality is, as successful as the mobile experience was, app fatigue still exists. So we set out to meet Arbonne customers where they already are: chat-based apps like Facebook Messenger. We designed the branching logic and features for chat-based experience to reduce the customer service burden of the consultants, enabling them to scale their conversations and improve their customer experience response time.

When an existing customer engages with 'Arb-bot' they can ask questions about re-orders, product ingredients, and the like. From there, the bot can hand off to a personal sales consultant or directly into the checkout process, dramatically streamlining the buying process, and increasing the overall ubiquity of the Arbonne experience.

Chatbot UX and data logic.

Immediate Impact to Bottom-Line

Upon launching, the mobile experience accounted for 5% of revenue and 15,000 downloads within three months of its official launch.

I appreciated [the founder] Yazin's knowledgeable and experienced perspective. He was immediately respected for his knowledge, and it was nice to work with someone with such a strong skill set.
Laurie Martinelli, Global Experience Director

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