We created a Proof-of-Concept of an industry defining virtual assistant to help forward-thinking insurance executives access tasks, metrics and action plans from anywhere, freeing up their time to focus on parts of the business that matters. But we promised our client we wouldn't say anything else. Want to learn more? Email Yazin at

3 Months
Conversational Agent

Expand the capacity of insurance agency executives, enabling them to do more with less.

The Outcome

A voice and text-based virtual assistant designed to deliver timely and relevant information to executives with constrained schedules and bandwidth.

Sorry, this project, like most of the work we do, is highly confidential. Want to learn more? Talk to Yazin at

They're very innovative and take advantage of new technologies, which is their strength. They did a phenomenal job on the user experience side, solving business problems and not just the [visual] design work.
Jeremy Kolb, Chief Experience Officer

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